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International Master in Geosciences: Palaeobiology

Individual research


Take part of cutting-edge research

Students of the master program will be actively involved in the research that the staff is conducting.

Conduct research on your own

Students are expected to finish a small-scale, one-semester research project (formal course: [link]Research project implementation, 2nd semester), so they can familiarize themselves with the general workflow of research in a specific area. This work focuses on the acquisition of skills necessary to conduct a research project and to report about their results. Participants will have to prepare as well as the preparation of a scientific paper in the format of PNAS.

Design your dream project

Acquiring funding to conduct research is an important part of a researcher’s duties.

Master paleontology

The requirements of the Master’s degree is the completion of an original thesis, which is prepared in the 4th semester of the program.