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International Master in Geosciences: Palaeobiology

FAU Palaeo in the URGE Program


The FAU Palaeo URGE Pod

URGE (Unlearning Racism in Geoscience) is a community-wide journal-reading and policy design curriculum to help geoscientists unlearn racism and improve accessibility, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in our discipline. URGE is supported by the US National Science Foundation and by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Members of the Palaeo FAU team formed a pod to identify issues that are specific to geosciences in Germany. We participated in eight two week sessions that were dedicated to reading expert literature, guided discussions, and the compilation of deliverables, i.e., resources that will help us take action. These deliverables are all a work in progress, as change needs to be long term and sustainable; as such, we expect to revisit these deliverables regularly.

The FAU Palaeo Pod in 2021 consisted of, in alphabetical order:

Kenneth De Baets, Danijela Dimitrijević, Johannes Eichel, Monica Alejandra Gómez Correa, Tasnuva Ming Khan, Adam Kocsis, Zahra Al Lawati, Theresa Nohl, Nussaïbah Raja-Schoob, Isaiah Smith, Jansen Smith (pod leader), Rachel Warnock. 

Drafts of our deliverables can be found below:

Deliverable 1: Pod Guidelines 

Deliverable 2: Pod Agreement 

Deliverable 3: Complaints and Reporting Policy 

Deliverable 4: Demographic Data 

Deliverable 5: Admissions and Hiring

Deliverable 6: Safety Plan

Deliverable 7: Resource Map