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International Master in Geosciences: Palaeobiology

Student News and Tweets

Student News and Tweets

Student Ally Award

Starting from 2020, students and teaching staff vote for the Student Ally Award which honours students who show commitment to the student community by helping their peers, organizing activities to facilitate studies, settling down in a new place, or dealing with a new academic systems.
The recipients of the award were:

Class of 2018-2020

1. Niklas Hohmann – read an interview with Niklas
2. Danijela Dimitrijevic – read an interview with Danijela

Class of 2019-2021

1. Tasnuva Ferdous Ming Khan – read an interview with Ming
2. Isabella Leonhard – read an interview with Isabella

Student Twitter Feed

Today helping prepare a COVID-safe field trip alternative for ⁦@ruhrunibochum⁩ - Jurassic deep-water sponge reefs in the Ludwig quarry of Franconia 🇩🇪 😷⛏

Hey paleo folks and everybody interested in data science. We at @FAU_Germany have a challenge for you:
Help automatizing data cleansing in the @PaleoDB and win a ticket to wonderful Franconia and more!

I am looking for a PhD candidate to work on enhancing coral thermal tolerance via experimental evolution of the Symbiodiniaceae symbionts. Scholarship application is due by the end of the month. Please email me if you are intetested

Interested in geosciences? Think about studying at @FAU_Germany. Undergrad in German, but international master available. Scroll to 5:35min to see what Ming Khan from Bangladesh has to say:

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