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International Master in Geosciences: Palaeobiology

Programme structure

The programme consists of two majors:

Palaeobiology – which provides theoretical framework in macroevolution, ecology, palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and statistical analysis

Earth Systems Research Lab – which consists of individual field- and specimen-based projects and provides students with skills such as preparation of funding applications, scientific writing and communication, as well as environmental and geochemical background for interdisciplinary cooperations

NEW: you can now download the Module Handbook Palaeobiology and Earth Systems Research Lab 2017.

Programme structure

Programme structure. SSC – supplementary courses, KQ – key qualifications

The major in Palaeobiology can be also combined with a minor in another field within the Master in Geoscience programme offered at FAU, such as applied sedimentology or petrology, but these are currently offered only in German.